Town of Pomfret


Road Foreman

Art Lewin


Garage phone: (802) 457-2767
Cell phone: (802) 369-0225

Road Commissioner


Highway Issues and Concerns:

Please call Art Lewin at the Town Garage (457-2767) or on his cell (802-369-0225), or contact him via email at to report any highway problems.

Please take time/dated pictures of any road damage you see, no matter how small.

Road Posting:

Pomfret's Class 2 and 3 roads are posted from March 1st through May 15th each year.

Invasive Species:

Please contact Art Lewin to report any sightings of invasive species along town maintained roads so that they can factor them into the roadside mowing plan.  Invasive species that are prevalent in our area include Wild Parsnip, Wild Chervil, and Japanese Knotweed. If you have Japanese Knotweed on your land, be advised that mowing it will cause it to spread even further. Landowners may spray weed killer to remove it, but the Town can not spray and will not mow the plants.

Invasive Species Flyer 

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