Town of Pomfret


Purchasing Policy:

Purchasing Policy

2017 Pomfret Road Slope Repair

Request for Proposals: RFP & Bid Form, Bid Instructions, Traffic Control, Additional Forms, Davis Bacon Wage Rates


Request for Proposals: RFP

Fuels (Diesel, Propane, Heating Oil) 

Request for Proposals: RFP

Prosper Valley School Snow Removal

Request for Proposals: RFP


Request for ProposalsRFP


Request for Proposals: RFP


Request for Proposals: RFP

River Road Slope Stabilization:

Request for Proposals: RFP 

Scoping Study:

Request for Proposals: RFP


Request for Proposals:RFP

Request for Proposals: RFP, Addendum 4-21-16

Bids Received: Springfield Paving, Pike Industries, Blaktop Paving
Comparison Chart: Paving Bids Chart

Grounds Maintenance:

Request for Proposal

Pavement Crack Sealing:

Request for Proposal


Request for Proposals

Diesel: RFP
Heating Oil: RFP
Propane: RFP


Highway Projects:

Pomfret Road Slope Project: Request for Proposals, Plans, Addendum

Bids Received: Bid Opening Sheet, Mosher, Griffin & Griffin, G&N

Tractor & Roadside Mower:

Request for Proposals: RFPAddendum

Bids Received:   Fairfield, Diamond

Fire Truck:

Request for Proposals:

Request for Proposals, Addendum 1, Addendum 2
Pre-Bid Conference Recording:

Bids Received:

Specifications: KME  E-One  Rosenbauer
Prices: KME, E-One, Rosenbauer

Fire Truck Evaluation Committee:

Committee Charge, Evaluation Scoresheet

02-02-16 Meeting: Draft Minutes, Notice
02-18-16 Meeting: Draft Minutes,  Notice
02-25-16 Meeting: Draft Minutes
03-03-16 Meeting: Draft Minutes, Notice
03-10-16 Meeting: Notice
03-18-16 Meeting: Notice
03-24-16 Meeting: Notice
04-14-16 Meeting: Notice, Report of the Committee
04-28-16 Meeting: Notice, Recording is here

Saulsbury Letter

Fire Truck (May, 4, 2016)

Pomfret ISO Rating
Pomfret Emergency Services Plan (1999)