Town of Pomfret

Capital Planning Committee

Capital Planning Committee

Capital Plan and Appendices

Approved Pomfret Capital Plan
Draft Pomfret Capital Plan

  • Appendix A Town of Pomfret Reserve Fund and Balances
  • Appendix B Seven Year Highway Capital Replacement Plan
  • Appendix C 2016 Town of Pomfret Pomfret Facilities Audit
  • Appendix D 2016 Town of Pomfret Facilities Capital Costs & Maintenance
  • Appendix E 2016 JS Moore Town Hall Estimates for Windows, Paint and Insulation.
  • Appendix F 2016 JS Moore Summary of Town Hall Estimates for Windows, Paint and Insulation
  • Appendix G 2009 UK Architects Assessment Pomfret Town Hall Renovation
  • Appendix H Hazel Harrington Historical Notes
  • Appendix I Warranty Information for Town Dump Trucks


Capital Planning Resources