Town of Pomfret

Other Officials

Collector of Delinquent Taxes

Karen Hewitt, 802-299-8211

Health Officer

Hugh Hermann, MD
Office 457-1200, Home 457-1300

Town Service Officer

Sheila Murray


Vacant  (Constable's Roles & Responsibilities).  As this position is vacant, please contact a Selectboard member if in need of a constable.
*Note: Constables in Pomfret do not have law enforcement authority.

Fire Wardens

Frank Perron Jr., 457-3402

Fred Doten, Deputy

Grand Juror

Michael Reese

Town Agent

John Putnam

Justices of the Peace

Jack Crowl
Charles (Chuck) Gundersen,
Jim Havill, 
Marjorie Wakefield,
JoAnn Webb,, 457-3320

Tree Wardens

Cy Benoit
Alan C. Graham, Deputy